Company Profile

Established in the year 2054 B.S., Multipurpose Finance Limited (MPFL) is recognized as one of the growing, efficient and professional financial institutions in Nepal. A core philosophy of the finance lies in nurturing relationships with customers and clients.

To ensure convenient access to services, MPFL integrates digital banking in most operations. Using SMS banking or MPFL Smart App, MPFL services can be accessed by customers from anywhere in the world. The technology used is continuously improved for enhanced customer experience. Earning confidence of its customers through these facilities and prompt services. MPFL is one of the most trusted finance companies in Nepal.

MPFL follows all rules, processes and laws, ensuring due diligence in its operations, as directed by the governing body.

In addition to benefiting its clients, customers and stakeholders, MPFL contributes to developing Madhesh province. As a responsible corporate, MPFL supports CSR activities throughout the province.


Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services to our customers, use these innovative products to achieve financial inclusion, and do so by exemplifying good corporate governance, proactive risk management practices and superior corporate social responsibility.


Our vision is to be the preferred financial partner to our customers, a center for career growth to our employees and to maximize our shareholders’ value, while contributing to our nation’s financial sector and to its economic welfare.